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Warner & Company News

We here at Warner & Company Certified Public Accountants feel that an informed client is our best customer. We know that there is a lot of information on the Internet and it can be tough to determine what is valuable. That is why we have selected the following article(s) for you to view.

The Warner Write-Up, our firm newsletter is published three times a year for our clients and friends. If you would like to receive a copy, please Contact Us.

Below are adobe format copies of our Warner Write-Up newsletters:

WWU Winter 2016-2017 - AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MICHAEL WARNER, CEO: "In this new year, we will be working with new colleagues."

WWU Fall 2016 - BE AWARE OF AVAILABLE COLLEGE TAX CREDITS -- You could save $10,000 over four years, says Rob Woodell

WWU Spring 2016 - HIRING CAREGIVERS UNDER THE TABLE IS RISKY -- You're simply breaking the law, says Peggy Scheule

WWU Winter 2015-2016 - EVERYONE NEEDS AN ESTATE PLAN -- NOW! Don't put it off any longer, says Stephen Warner

WWU Fall 2015 - WARNER & COMPANY TURNS 60 THIS YEAR!--The firm's three owners share some reminiscences

WWU Spring 2015 - Will Your Identity be Stolen? --It's amazing how easily that can be done, warns Peggy Scheule

WWU Winter 2014-2015 - BABY BOOMERS ARE CHANGING RETIREMENT-They have reinvented the entire process, says Stephen Warner

WWU Fall 2014 - Have you been named someone's Executor?--Among many responsibilities you'll need to consider, Rob Woodell lists five

WWU Spring 2014 - Another Award for CEO Michael Warner--This time it's from the Boy Scouts of America, Garden State Council

WWU Winter 2013-2014 - Are You Confused About Health Care? - We can provide guidance for you, says CPA Linda Streb

WWU Fall-2013 - Teaching Children Good Money Management - Start young, advises CPA Peggy Scheule - who wishes she had

WWU Spring-2013 - Should you Revisit your Retirement Plan? - Stephen Warner Says Today's Economy Calls for Different Strategies

WWU Winter 2012-2013 - Whatever your Politics, Change will Happen - Thoughts on What Needs to Happen, from Michael Warner

WWU Fall 2012 - Watch out for the Alternative Minimum Tax - Or it could hit you unexpectedly, warns Rob Woodell

WWU Spring 2012 - CPAs Describe Tax Season Survival Strategies

WWU Winter 2011 2012 - To Have a Solid Financial Foundation - Don't accept heavy debt as "normal," advises CPA Peggy Scheule

WWU Fall 2011 - Consider Long-Term Care Insurance - It becomes more important as we age, says Michael Warner

WWU Spring 2011 - If You Want To Protect Those You Love - Be aware of estate tax law changes, says Stephen Warner

WWU Winter 2010 2011 - Money Mistakes You Don't Need To Make

WWU Fall 2010 - Consider Community Involvement

WWU Spring 2010 - A Talk Every Family Should Have

WWU Winter 2009 2010 - Making Retirement Funds Last Longer

WWU FALL 2009 - Are Your Personal Wishes Heir-Tight?

WWU SPRING 2009 - Be Paranoid About Your Tax Return

WWU WINTER 2008 2009 - Protect Your Medical Choices

WWU FALL 2008 - Michael Warner, On Turning 60: "You have a lot to think about."

WWU SPRING 2008 - The Mortgage Mess-Linda Streb, CPA, addresses clients' concerns

WWU WINTER 2007 2008 - Myths about Retirement-Stephen Warner says they're everywhere - then highlights four.